The 2018 fundraising goal is a minimum of $200,000. These funds will enable MCTRS to replenish our reserve and support our ongoing work for the next five or more years.

MCTRS operates with funds raised from individuals, organizations, companies, and from the sale of t-shirts and other items. We also accept cash at two donation boxes on the trail. We last raised funds before 2008. Since then we have operated with an annual budget of approximately $30,000. These funds are used for: materials, tools and equipment, maintenance, transportation, insurance, legal and other expenses. There are no paid positions in MCTRS.

Use of Funds:
 MCTRS is committed to full compliance with Canada Revenue Agency’s regulations regarding Charitable Societies. Funds collected from donations or sponsors are used to purchase supplies, materials and equipment, ongoing maintenance and Society insurance and legal expenses. MCTRS files annual financial reports with CRA.

Charitable Donation Receipts are provided for donations of $15.00 or more. Thank you very much for your support.

If you have questions regarding financial support for MCTRS, please contact us.

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