Code of Conduct & Safety

Over 70,000 visitors come through Myra Canyon each year. Some walk, some jog and some cycle. At peak periods there may be congestion, especially on trestles. Please enjoy your visit and enable others to enjoys their visit. Visit the kiosks and signs along the trail for valuable information on Myra Canyon.

There are natural hazards along the trail including steep drop-offs. Use caution and keep children under adult supervision. Maintenance of the trestles and trail happens at different times and places along the trail. Please obey maintenance workers for your and their safety.

Some do’s: Enjoy the experience of walking or cycling these historic trestles, the spectacular views, wildlife, its ecology and geology, meeting people from around the world, and then, leaving Myra Canyon as you found it. Please take out what you bring in: there are no trash containers between the Myra and Ruth Gates. Pedestrians have right-of-way over cyclists. Cyclists must use caution and travel at a low speed. Stay on the trail. Pets must be on a leash. It can become hot in the summer: bring water, food as necessary and wear appropriate clothing. Mountain weather can change quickly. Please be prepared.

Some don’ts and cautions: Unless there is a fire ban issued by BC Parks, smoking is permitted. However, the risk of fire is always extreme. Use caution if you smoke and take your cigarette butts out of the park. Please don’t litter anywhere. There are garbage containers only at the Myra and Ruth gates. Do not dispose of any garbage in the pit toilets. Motorized vehicles including electric bikes are not permitted between the Myra and Ruth gates.