Each year Myra Canyon needs repairs to the trestles and maintenance on the trail. Trees, rocks and slides fall onto the trail, the trestles railings and boardwalk become damaged, the trail surface and tunnels need maintenance and gravel. MCTRS volunteers do this work.

The skills involved range from cutting back branches and trees that encroach onto the trail, to shoveling gravel, to carpentry work on the trestles, to using a chainsaw to cut fallen or leaning trees. We also repaint benches, build new ones, add signage and clear areas for new educational features.

Volunteer work parties are usually organized with 1 to 2 weeks’ notice and can be on a weekday or weekend. We send out an email to all volunteers with a request for the upcoming work. To those who respond we then send an email describing the meeting place, and further instructions. We usually meet at 9:30 AM at one of the entrance gates. We go through a mandatory work plan and safety meeting and then proceed to our work area. We use a service vehicle to carry our tools and a few people. Other volunteers use their own bicycles to get to the day’s work area. We also have two spare bicycles for volunteer use, with advanced notice. Our workday usually ends around 2:30 PM.

Safety and Insurance

We adhere to the strict policies of the BC Parks Safety Plan by:

a) registering attendees at each work party,
b) holding a safety meeting prior to all work, and
c) ensuring correct safety gear is available and used.

This is an excerpt from the Agreement between BC Parks, The Province of British Columbia, and Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society regarding Insurance:

“On behalf of the Agreement Holder (MCTRS), the Province will purchase and maintain General Liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 inclusive per occurrence against claims by third parties for bodily injury and property damage arising out of the performance of the Services set out in the Agreement. The Province will obligate the insurer’s managing broker to provide the Agreement Holder with a Certificate of Insurance and a copy of the policy wording.

On behalf of the Agreement Holder (MCTRS), the Province will purchase and maintain on behalf of the registered volunteers to the Agreement Holder Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance with a principal sum of $40,000 covering injury to registered volunteers under the age of 85 while performing the Services set out in the Agreement. The Province will provide information about this policy to the Agreement Holder.”


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