Note: MCTRS is an abbreviation for Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society

How can I become a member of MCTRS?

A 1-year membership in the Society is $10.00. See the “Membership” page for more details.

Is MCTRS a non-profit society?

Yes, since 1993 MCTRS is a registered non-profit Charity with Canada Revenue Agency. All work is done by volunteers.

What are the objectives of MCTRS?

From our Constitution, we “improve safer public passage while preserving, protecting and promoting the heritage, historical and environments features of the 12 km Myra Canyon trestles, tunnels and trail system”.

Why was MCTRS formed?

Following the Kettle Valley Railway becoming abandoned in 1978, it fell into disrepair. The Myra Canyon trestles became a safety hazard and there were injuries and vandalism. Concerned local citizens who wanted to protect the trestles and provide a safer passage formed MCTRS in 1993. Volunteers then began the work of restoring the trestles and providing safer passage. They also added benches to sit on, signage, toilets, guard rails, tunnel cribbing and regular maintenance, all done by volunteers.

MCTRS also initiated efforts to preserve Myra Canyon and succeeded in having it become part of the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park in 2002, and in 2003 it was formally registered on the Canadian Historic Register of Places.

What was the impact of the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park fire on the Society?

The August to September fire on Okanagan Mountain destroyed 270 homes and 26,000 hectares of forests. In Myra Canyon, 12 wood trestles were destroyed, and 2 steel trestles were damaged There was further damage to the trail and rock face and many of the enhancements built since 1993 were damaged or destroyed.

MCTRS took a leadership role in restoring Myra Canyon as part of the BC Provincial Task Force that oversaw the rebuilding of the destroyed trestles. We then built new benches, information kiosks and restored the trail surface. After construction was completed, Myra Canyon was again opened on June 22, 2008. Through 2008, over 52,000 people visited Myra Canyon.

Is there an agreement between BC Parks and MCTRS?

MCTRS entered into a 10-year agreement with BC Parks in 2014. From this Agreement: “MCTRS takes responsibility to: inspect, maintain (Myra Canyon) and educate the public on the Myra Canyon Trestles, tunnels and trails, its history and construction. This agreement recognizes the important relationship between the Province and MCTRS and the valuable contribution MCTRS provides to Myra Canyon.”

MCTRS was named BC Parks Volunteer Group of the Year for 2016.

How many people visit Myra Canyon?

Since the reopening in 2008, over 500,000 people have visited Myra Canyon. These visitors come from many countries. As an indication, our website is visited by people from over 140 countries. In 2017, over 70,000 people visited Myra Canyon.