Directors Needed!

Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society (MCTRS) is looking for people who are interested in becoming involved in the Society as members, and especially as Directors within the Society.  Please contact us if you are interested in  supporting the preservation of the Myra Canyon by joining MCTRS.

MCTRS has been involved with the preservation of the Myra Canyon portion of the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) since the beginning of the 1990’s.  After the railway was decommissioned and allowed to deteriorate, and after several people were injured or died after falls from the trestles, our volunteers re-decked the trestles and added railings to safeguard the public, improved the trail, removed dangerous rockfalls, shored up the tunnels, added toilets, and worked tirelessly to maintain the route and get it protected by having it included within the BC Parks umbrella, and having it declared a National Heritage Site.  In 2003, after a major wildfire destroyed 12 of the 16 wooden trestles and burned the decking on the 2 steel trestles, members of our Society were involved in the planning and rebuilding of those trestles, so the trail could be opened again for the enjoyment of all.

Since then, our most dedicated members have continued to work to make numerous improvements within the park, including the addition of (2) Informational Kiosks, and (2) Storm Shelters.  Currently we are working on an exciting new venture to open a side trail into the original early 1900’s Morrisey Camp near the Ruth entrance, complete with great signage, and views of rock ovens, wells, and foundations.  We plan to complete and open this site by late Spring 2022.

Unfortunately, our members are aging, and our membership has dropped significantly since 2008, when the trail was reopened after the fire.  While the Myra Canyon has become a huge tourist attraction, the MCTRS has had to struggle to continue with upgrades, while one by one, our directors and volunteers have “aged out” of the Society.

We look forward to hearing from interested people who would like to be involved with MCTRS as we continue to volunteer within the Myra Canyon.