2005 Progress Report #1

October 03, 2005_news_37_1As at the end of September, trestle 15 is complete and trestles 2 and 14 are well underway.

Barring unforeseen difficulties, we expect to reach our goal of completing trestles 2 and 14 as well as trestles 3 and 13 by the early part of December. Since trestle 12 survived the fire, this will bring us through the east tunnel to the site of trestle 11. And on the west side of the canyon, the completion of trestle 3 will bring us to the site of trestle 4, the longest and deepest of the wooden trestles.

Design work is now proceeding for trestles 10 and 11 and trestle 4. This will permit ordering materials over the winter so construction can start at the earliest possible time in the spring.