2005 Construction Update

August 28, 2005_news_36_1Contracts have been let for the reconstruction of 5 of the trestles in the current season, with completion, hopefully by early December.

Seismic 2000, of Abbotsford is building Trestles 15, 14 and 13 from the Myra end of the trail. Trestle 15 is nearly complete.

Surespan Construction of West Vancouver is building trestles 2 and 3 from the Ruth end. Surespan built Trestle 18 last year.

Considerable rock work had to be undertaken to make the area safe for workers. It involves scaling, trim blasting and bolting. This is being done by T & A Drilling and the work for this season is almost complete.

The public is allowed to use the trail as far as Trestle 18 on the Myra side, and a little past Trestle 1 on the Ruth Side.

Because of the construction work and rock mediation work, the rest of the trail is closed.

The Myra road is in fairly good shape. The Little White road is rougher but still passable for ordinary vehicles. Take it slow!

The Trails B.C. bypass trail is now open for long distance cyclists. Apparently it is somewhat challenging in places but it is being used. It is properly signed from both the Myra and Little White junctions with the KVR railbed.